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Improve your customer experience, generate leads and reduce operational costs.

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Design build and publish your enterprise chatbot with ease.


Build advanced and complex use cases using a list of no-code, low-code flow nodes.

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Engage with customers in an efficient and intelligent way using cutting-edge AI technology.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrate arabot with CRM, Webbooks and Business Applications.

Flexible Deployment

Choose your preferred deployment option (On-Premise, Cloud or through a Hybrid model).


Seamlessly hand off the conversation to human agents in real time.

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Success Stories from Industry Leaders

Our awesome features

Aramex is a Dubai-based comprehensive logistics company, with operations in over 69 countries. As part of a broader digital transformation mission, Aramex used WhatsApp chatbot to provide consumers with excellent customer service and in turn, increase awareness of its products and services and improve business models. arabot is providing Aramex with a technology solution chatbot, which will be responsible for the automation and arrangement for shipment delivery without any human interaction. This will ensure great customer experience and quick interaction, tremendously reducing operational costs. Great Results: ✓ 8 million customers served through WhatsApp Business. ✓ 50% of shipment enquiries processed by arabot chatbot solution. Find it on WhatsApp:

Our awesome features
Government Services

FAHR's vision is to have a happy and innovative government with a mission to continuously develop innovative solutions to serve UAE human capital. FAHR partnered with arabot to build and deliver Hamad, the virtual employee from the Federal Authority for Government Human Resources. Great Results: ✓ Hamad acts as FAHR's legal expert, answers FAQ and questions related to services. ✓ Hamad also handles objection and support requests. ✓ See it in action on FAHR website:

Our awesome features
Financial Services

The National Commercial Bank (NCB) is a prominent Saudi Arabian bank and the leading financial institution in the region with a mission to be the best Digital Bank in the region and provide the best in customer service. Today NCB receives a huge amount of customer feedback and complaints that require near real time interactions and response and therefore, the proposed AI enterprise and data classifier solution “SONOF” has been designed specifically to NCB to automate the process of handling complaints, processing tickets and other business operations.  Great Results: ✓ SONOF is a textual data classifier solution built upon the fundamentals of Natural Language Processing (NLP) for the banking industry. ✓ It combines advanced Arabic/English Named Entity Recognition (NER) for entity identification with Deep Learning (DL) models for topic classification. ✓ SONOF assists NCB by understanding and categorizing customers feedback. ✓ The result is a more efficient and faster customer experience.

Our awesome features

Chatbot services as an admission interface: An experience from the Batterjee Medical College (BMC) - Jeddah - KSA. By leveraging chatbot technology, BMC is now able to ease the transition to college for new students and alleviate the administrative load for college staff. Great Results: ✓ BMC chatbot can answer thousands of student questions about BMC, the registration process, the different majors and degrees at the college, scholarships and other financial questions, paying for tuition fees, applying for admission, campus services, contacting the college, submitting feedback or complaints and more, easing the workload of the people who would normally serve these roles. ✓ To date, the chatbot has successfully helped over 10% of new students enroll in Batterjee Medical College. ✓ BMC bot has successfully answered 95% of the messages received with a high accuracy rate of answered messages. ✓ Find it on WhatsApp:

Our awesome features

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Frequently Asked Questions

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An active user is a user who interacts with your chatbot across different channels during the billing cycle.

Yes! With arabot, you don’t have to copy and paste or manually re-create your FAQ content. Our chatbot solution allows you to automatically import an existing FAQ list. Your bot will instantly deliver smart automated responses using support questions from your FAQ list.

We develop chatbots for channels and business applications (CRM, live chat applications., websites, apps, Whatsapp., Facebook Messenger, Google Sheets, Twilio, Skype for Business, Slack and LiveAgent.)

Yes! We help medium and large businesses get WhatsApp API access so that you can provide customer support and deliver notifications to customers. We will also guide you through the application process.

Absolutely! You can easily integrate our chatbots with your applications via APIs to connect and communicate with your backend system and different applications as per the requirement.

It depends on the complexity of the project requirements. Our current record is 3-4 weeks to build and deploy an AI chatbot. However, in more complex scenarios, it might take 2-3 months, from the design phase to the go live date.

Absolutely! You can deploy your chatbot on-premises so that you can have overall control on security measures. With our on-premise solution, we have continuous in-house maintenance and support available for your business.

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Whether you're just starting out, growing your business, or already working with a large number of users, we have a chatbot solution that fits your business needs.

Best for enterpsies looking to get started with our core features.
30K users/month
  • Unlimited Number of Messages
  • Bot Builder Access
  • Arabic and English NLU
  • Dashboard
  • Webhook / API Integration
  • Bot to Agent Handover
  • Integration with WhatsApp Business
  • E-mail + Support ticket
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Best for small and medium-sized enterprises.
100K users/month
  • All in Basic +
  • Payment Integration
  • +Chat +Online Meeting​
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Best for large businesses that need enterprise-grade product and support.
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  • Hybrid / On-premise Deployment
  • Dedicated Bot architect
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